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1756 Pattern Long Land Pattern Flintlock Musket
This is one of our best sellers. It is popular with French and Indian War and American Revolutionary..
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Ranger Musket
This is our Roger's Ranger's Flintlock Musket. This gun is styled after an original musket that is t..
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East India Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock Musket
This is our East India Pattern Flintlock Musket. Developed in the 1750's for the East India Company ..
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English Lock Fishtail Fowler
Here is our English Lock Fishtailed Fowler. This is a style from the early 17th century and was typi..
Ship's Carbine
Here is our Ship's Carbine. This is a light, handy musket that was designed for use between decks on..
Early Commercial Trade Musket
Here is our Early Commercial Trade Musket. It has a three-screw doglock. This style of musket dates ..
Ketland Officer's Fusil
Here is our Ketland Officer's Fusil. It has a 36" barrel in .62 caliber smoothobre. Overall lengt..
Baker Rifle
Here is our Baker rifle. It is a smoothobre. It has a 30" smoothbore barrel in .62 caliber. The g..
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Paget Carbine
Here is our Paget Carbine. This model was also known as the Model 1805 Short Light Cavalry Carbine. ..
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