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1756 Pattern Long Land Pattern Flintlock Musket
This is one of our best sellers. It is popular with French and Indian War and American Revolutionary..
Ranger Musket
This is our Roger's Ranger's Flintlock Musket. This gun is styled after an original musket that is t..
East India Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock Musket
This is our East India Pattern Flintlock Musket. Developed in the 1750's for the East India Company ..
English Lock Fishtail Fowler
Here is our English Lock Fishtailed Fowler. This is a style from the early 17th century and was typi..
Ship's Carbine
Here is our Ship's Carbine. This is a light, handy musket that was designed for use between decks on..
Early Commercial Trade Musket
Here is our Early Commercial Trade Musket. It has a three-screw doglock. This style of musket dates ..
Ketland Officer's Fusil
Here is our Ketland Officer's Fusil. It has a 36" barrel in .62 caliber smoothobre. Overall lengt..
Baker Rifle
Here is our Baker rifle. It is a smoothobre. It has a 30" smoothbore barrel in .62 caliber. The g..
Paget Carbine
Here is our Paget Carbine. This model was also known as the Model 1805 Short Light Cavalry Carbine. ..
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