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Here is our line of gun accessories to help you operate and maintain your muzzleloader

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Padded Musket Case
These padded musket cases are just the thing to safely transport a long gun like a musket. These ..
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  This 18th century accessory is for cleaning your musket in the authentic way using tow. Bu..
Padded Pistol Case
These padded cases will protect your pistol when trasnporting it. These will fit any pistol with ..
Whisk and Pick
This authentic 18th century style accessory is for keeping your pan and vent clear of fouling when o..
Brass Gun Hooks
  These cast brass gun hooks are just the thing for displaying your musket, other weapons, o..
Common Screwdriver
This tool was called a common screwdriver by Timothy Pickering. It was a commonly found item in the ..
Musket Cleaning Rod
  This extra long sectional cleaning rod is just the thing for cleaning those long barreled ..
Single D Brass Buckle
This single D style brass buckle is a copy of an original in our collection. They can be used to ..
English Lock for gunbuilders
I found a box on a shelf with a few English Locks as used on our English Civil War era fishtail musk..
Shipping for musket
Add this product to your cart ONLY if you are asking us to ship a full sized musket to you that had ..
Shop time, 1 hour
This category is to pay for shop repairs on non-warranty guns. ..
Frizzen hardening for non-warranty guns
This category is to pay for frizzen hardening for non-warranty guns. ..
Warranty repairs after 12 months
This category is to pay for warranty repairs after a gun is 12 months old. ..
Return shipping for non-warranty lock repair
This category is to pay for return shipping for non-warranty lock repairs. ..
Small flat rate shipping to Canada
This product is for our Canadian customers only. If you are not in Canada and ordering small accesso..
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