Flintlock Fowlers and Shotguns

Our line of civilian style flintlock fowlers and shotguns

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Double Barreled Flintlock Shotgun
Here is our exclusive double barreled flintlock shotgun. It comes with the steel parts polished brig..
New England Fowler
This is our Cookson New England Fowler. It is a doglock fowling piece that is styled after an origin..
English Lock Fishtail Fowler
Here is our English Lock Fishtailed Fowler. This is a style from the early 17th century and was typi..
Fusil de chasse
Here is our French Tulle fusil de chasse. It is a basic hunting gun of the 18th century. This is ..
Early Commercial Trade Musket
Here is our Early Commercial Trade Musket. It has a three-screw doglock. This style of musket dates ..
Ketland Officer's Fusil
Here is our Ketland Officer's Fusil. It has a 36" barrel in .62 caliber smoothobre. Overall lengt..
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