Frank Beltrame Swingguard Auto Knife

Frank Beltrame Swingguard Auto Knife
Frank Beltrame Swingguard Auto Knife
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Frank Beltrame Special Edition Swingguard Auto Knife

Frank Beltrame is the world's leading manufacturer of classic Italian stilettos. Each year, he comes out with a few special editions in addition to his regular product line and this is one of them.
I'm not convinced that I really want to part with this, so if you are interested you'd better act now before I talk myself into keeping it.
This is numbered special edition swing guard stiletto from the 2011 collection. A swingguard differs from a run-of-the-mill stiletto by a couple of features. The most obvious is that the guard is attached to the blade via a pin and lies flat against the handle until the blade is opened, then it swings out into place as the blade moves up and locks into place. Because of this, the blade locks open via a spring catch along the back of the handle like any other lock blade. (typical stilettos lock differently)
This big beautiful knife has jigged bone scales that look like antler. This will be the centerpiece of any knife collection.
6" closed
5" blade
11" open
Jigged bone scales
Blacked out bayonet style blade
Numbered 2011 Special edition


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