Godfather Spike Auto Knife

Godfather Spike Auto Knife
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Godfather Spike Auto Knife

I carried one of these for a year, it held up well considering the abuse I give my pocket knives. I only retired the one I carried because I am a knifeaholic and wanted to try a different one. It sat flat in my pocket, the clip held it in place so I could pull it out quickly and the action never failed. 

5" closed
3.5" blade
8.5" open
Aluminum handle
Belt clip
Non-serrated stainless blade


By placing an order for an auto knife, you agree that you meet any or all of the following criteria.

1. That ordering this knife will not violate any local laws in the buyer's location.

2. That the buyer qualifies to receive this knife in interstate commerce under the following conditions:

Federal law prohibits shipment of automatic knives across state lines, with the following exceptions: (1) to civilian or Armed Forces supply or procurement officers and employees of the Federal Government ordering, procuring, or purchasing such knives in connection with the activities of the Federal Government; (2) to supply or procurement officers of the National Guard, the Air National guard, or militia of a state, territory or the District of Columbia ordering, procuring, or purchasing such knives in the connection with the activities of such organization; (3) to supply or procurement officers or employees of the municipal government of the District of Columbia or the government of any State or Territory, or any county, city or other political subdivision of a State or Territory; (4) to manufacturers of such knives or bona fide dealers therein in connection with any shipment made pursuant of an order from any person designated in paragraphs (1), (2), and (3).

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