Paget Carbine

Paget Carbine
Paget Carbine Paget Carbine Paget Carbine Paget Carbine Paget Carbine Paget Carbine Paget Carbine
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Here is our Paget Carbine. This model was also known as the Model 1805 Short Light Cavalry Carbine. This was the shortest shoulder arm in the British supply chain. As a British carbine, it is .65 caliber smoothbore.

The Paget has  16" barrel and is 31 1/2" overall. There are several unique features to the Paget such as a sliding safety that secures the lock in the half cock position. It has a sling bar on the left side instead of sling swivels. This was to carry the carnine on horseback by clipping a should strap to it.

The steel rammer is captured via a swivel which does two things. The swivel will not only keep you from dropping your rammer, but it also eliminates having to turn the rammer over to ram and to return it to the thimbles after ramming, thus speeding the loading process.

The barrel is secured with two wedge keys as opposed to pins like earlier guns used. The furniture is brass. This gun weighs just over 5 pounds.

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