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1756 Pattern Long Land Pattern Flintlock Musket
This is one of our best sellers. It is popular with French and Indian War and American Revolutionary..
Based on 1 reviews.
British Brown Bess Bayonet
Here is our socket bayonet that fits the British Brown Bess type muskets and most other .75 caliber ..
Steel musket rammer
This is a replacement rammer for the 46" barreled Long Land Brown Bess musket. It can be cut down..
Ranger Musket
This is our Roger's Ranger's Flintlock Musket. This gun is styled after an original musket that is t..
Based on 2 reviews.
Ship's Carbine
Here is our Ship's Carbine. This is a light, handy musket that was designed for use between decks on..
British Brown Bess bayonet scabbard
This is the scabbard to fit our British Brown Bess bayonet and many other bayonets. It is black l..
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