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1777 French Cavalry Flintlock Carbine
Here is our 1777 Pattern French Cavalry Carbine. While designed around horseback use, it is a great ..
1856 Pattern Enfield Cavalry Carbine
Here is our 1856 Pattern Enfield Cavalry Carbine. It has brass furniture. All steel parts are aut..
Ship's Carbine
Here is our Ship's Carbine. This is a light, handy musket that was designed for use between decks on..
Ketland Officer's Fusil
Here is our Ketland Officer's Fusil. It has a 36" barrel in .62 caliber smoothobre. Overall lengt..
Paget Carbine
Here is our Paget Carbine. This model was also known as the Model 1805 Short Light Cavalry Carbine. ..
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