Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All of our muzzleloading guns are shipped in an active state, ready to load and use unless you request otherwise.

Our muzzleloaders all carry a limited lifetime warranty on the lock. This warranty covers wear and parts breakage including frizzen wear. To be covered under the warranty, the lock must be in unmodified condition and reasonably maintained. Lock repairs are free for the first 12 months after purchase. After 12 months, there is a $10 fee.

Due to the organic nature of wood and the rigors of use in the field, we cannot warranty the wooden stock of a muzzleloader or the rammer.

Our return policy is simple. If you recieve an item and don't like it for whatever reason, you are welcome to send it back within 3 days of the delivery date for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping, provided that the item is in unused, unmodified condition.

Due to the nature of hand-built replicas, there may be a significant wait time for some items. ALL guns need to be torn down and essentially rebuilt before shipment. Sometimes the wait can be considerable. It is beyond our control and is simply the nature of hand built items. We cannot make any delivery date guarantees. Keep in mind that there are generally 100 to 120 man-hours of specialized, skilled labor that goes into each musket so there is sometimes a backlog for certain items. You will receive a tracking number via email from either UPS or USPS when your order ships. This is the ONLY update you will receive on your order.

Words mean things. An item listed as "available" does not mean it is sitting here ready to go, it means you can order it and the model is still in production. "Available" does not mean the same thing as "in stock". Do not assume that because something is listed as available that you can order it today and get it in a week.

We cannot give order updates or any other information over the phone. Please do not call and ask for order status.

We cannot give status reports or updates on your order. Every hour spent looking up your order to speculate on a delivery date is an hour spent NOT working on your gun. We can NOT give you updates ove the phone. Our shop is pretty old-fashioned and does things manually with paper invoices. The ONLY portion of this process that is automated is ordering. Once your order has been placed electronically, everything else is done manually. The ONLY way to check the status of your order is to look yourself up on the list at the following link:


This list is essentially our "to-do" list. All orders are listed chronologically and as they are completed they are removed and everyone below moves up. Any specific information is listed in the right hand column. The list is generally updated at the end of every week, so feel free to check back as often as you like. You may have to refresh your browser.

Orders for accessories and non-gun items are generally shipped once a week via USPS. This is not a huge automated mail order house, it is a gun shop with reapirs to do and walk in customers to wait on. You must wait your turn, even if you ordered a belt hook.

Placing an order is a contract. Orders cancelled by the buyer after the end of the day that the order is placed are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. Please be sure you actually want the item and agree to these Terms & Conditions before clicking the "Confirm Order" button. Do not click the confirm order button multiple times because it will charge you for the order each time you click it.

You cannot cancel an order through this website. To cancel an order, you must send an email requesting a cancelation.

There are three ways to place an order:

1. You can place the order and pay for it in full through the e-store. Your order will ship when it is completed. You will receive a tracking number from UPS or USPS in your email.

2. You can reserve a gun with a 50% depoist. We will contact you when it is ready to ship for the balance.

3. You can put guns on lay-a-way with a $25 downpayment and make payments in $25 increments on your own schedule until it is paid off. If the total of you order is such that there is a balance less then $25, we will send an invoice. There is no interest and no time limit on how quickly it needs to be paid off. If you cancel a layaway, you forfeit the initial $25 deposit.

By placing an order, you certify that you are legally able to purchase and possess any item that we are offering under your state laws. By placing an order, you also certify that you are of legal age to purchase a black powder firearm and that there are no prohibitions from your doing so. It is the buyer's responsibility to know their local laws. By ordering a black powder weapon, you agree to follow the load reccommendations and instructions as described in the owner's manual that comes with each weapon.

Buyers are welcome to come and pick up their purchases here at our shop during our regular business hours by appointment.

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