Gun tools & cleaning

These are gun tools for cleaning and maintaining your muzzleloader.

Whenever possible, they are historically correct so you can have them on display in front of the public without having to hide in your tent to clean your musket!

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Forged Musket Tool
  This handy little forged musket tool won't take up much space in your shooting bag, but it..
Spring Vise
A hand forged spring vise for removing the V-springs from your lock for cleaning and maintenance. Do..
18th Century Musket Tool
This authentic tool is many tools in one. It is a flint knapping hammer when fully assembled, unscre..
  This 18th century accessory is for cleaning your musket in the authentic way using tow. Bu..
Whisk and Pick
This authentic 18th century style accessory is for keeping your pan and vent clear of fouling when o..
Common Screwdriver
This tool was called a common screwdriver by Timothy Pickering. It was a commonly found item in the ..
Musket Cleaning Rod
  This extra long sectional cleaning rod is just the thing for cleaning those long barreled ..
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